OUT OF THE BOX- New board directors

Mr. Mohamed Nizam
Mr. Abdullah Saaidhu


Dealing with Office Politics

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It doesn’t matter how well grounded you are as a person how polite and friendly you are or even how much you know about office etiquette, the one thing you can never avoid in the workplace is office politics. Wherever you have a group of people with different personalities, sets of values and opinions – which means just about everywhere, you’re going to come across office politics at some time or other. And, whilst that can’t be avoided, it’s important to know how to manage the situation for yourself. More

Gesture E01-S04; Sawmill fire

Huge loss


Emptycc on MTCC’s 30th Anniversary

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Thanks to all, keep shairng……

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For Mr & Mrs MTCC

30th Anniversary

MTCC 30th anniversary happens on 18th December 2010. Congratulations to all the staff and the management.

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