Maldives Manager’s Training and Counseling Centre (MTCC)

Shocking but true, this is what they call “bodu manzaru”.

AD – – 1 1 2
BSSD 1 – 1 3 5
CPMD – – – 1 1
CRPD – – 1 1 2
ED – – – 1 1
FD – – – 2 2
HRD – – – 2 2
ISD – 1 – 1 2
LOD – – 3 1 4
PCD – – 1 1 2
SLD – – 1 2 3
TSD 2 1 1 2 6
TOTAL 3 2 9 18 32

AM- assitant manager
M- manager
MU- Manager (unit)
MS- Manager (section)


2010 vs 2009

by Figures say it all

The best way to weigh a company’s performance is its annual turnover. For the last two years, collective information from MTCC website are given below as a refferenece. More

My Dream and the Past

By Marium Seema

Few days ago I had a dream in which a black hole emerged over Addu atoll. I went to a Pandit to see if there is any meaning in it. According to the pandit, MTCC is having a project over there. What kind of project? Why should it come to me as a nightmare? I asked the pandit. “Well, well, it is difficult to foresee the reality of the project. More


When you take a long time, you’re slow.
When your boss takes a long time, he’s thorough. More

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean

By Facts

Long time back as you all might remember there was a time we shall do anything for this company. We all were so much united that there was no body to dare enough to compete us. We hd the strangest team spirit with such closely monitoring caretaker. You may have experienced this in many ways. MTCC had the best Volley with gigantic cheering team. Both in and out of the court they held their hands together as ONE and ruled. More

Losing All

By Duvela,

Most valuable resources of a corporation are its employees. These days this company has neglected its employees and facing bitterness of losing many valuable staff. More

Sorting Priorities

By Falhuveryeh

In a difficult time when engine has stopped and the steering wheel has jammed, to survive there is not much to do but wait for a dry land. Some may try to jump into the deep blue sea and exhaust themselves in searching. While other sit back on the dry deck tanning them at wait for rescue boat. Either way you may survive or die trying. More

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