2010 vs 2009

by Figures say it all

The best way to weigh a company’s performance is its annual turnover. For the last two years, collective information from MTCC website are given below as a refferenece.

With compare to 2009, 2010 income statement shows;
Total sales: 87.5 million less
Cost of sales: 51.8 million less
Gross Profit: 35.7 million less (62% less)

Sales and marketing expenses: 1.8 million less
Administration expenses: 7 million less
Other expenses: 2.9 million less
Operating profit: 24 million less (102% less)

Financing expenses: 1.2million less
Net profit (loss): 22.8 million less (240% less)
Net profit value for 2010 was around 9.5 million which might to drop during the final audit.

BY looking at this; are there any possibilities to retain MTCC Reserve, any chance to increase the wages or any opportunity to with hold the existing resources and to extend those. Moreover, is there any strength to fulfill its commitments and to take more………

Who knows, the future is not us to see, whatever will be will be….


4 ޚިޔާލުތައް (+add yours?)

  1. niedhuru
    ޖަނަވަރީ 30, 2011 @ 09:18:16

    hmmm, i wonder if any major repairs on any of the vessels has been carried out or if any real assets have increased, if answer to both these equations are no then yes, dear all we in a deep one. BRACE BRACE, we are making a crash landing. Hope it doesn’t crash and burn, if its crashes we can still get up and go, bus burn,,,no no no, now that a different story isn’t it. it will be interesting to see the WIP of the company for 2010. if that’s down i will be down too, can any of the blogs smart ones get those figures.


  2. Eco
    ޖަނަވަރީ 19, 2011 @ 18:49:29

    Interesting, where did all the money go!!!!
    only TSD!!!!cannot be….


  3. hitman
    ޖަނަވަރީ 18, 2011 @ 13:16:41

    koba 100,000 fharah vuren gianin mi site ah ziyaariah kohfo dho mi vanee…heekuran nraglhu gothuga me blog beynun kuraane kamah…kunfunee ge issurance aai muvzzifunge agreement ah dhiraasaa eh kohfa liyele dheefaanahtha…aharmen mikamah vrah koshivaane…
    vrah kan boduvefa mihaaru mi huree,,,thi hisaabuthah rangaliyya haadha fun vlahugandhakashey kunfuni mi vettunee…dhen kihineh ba vaanee..kaaku ba zinmaa nagaanee? noony meegen slamaih vaanba..


  4. Tsunami
    ޖަނަވަރީ 18, 2011 @ 13:02:52

    huh..don’t blame me this time or Mr. World Enconomic crisis…Even not to those 30 y of Zaeem . Only possible cause could be “the CHANGE”.


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