My Dream and the Past

By Marium Seema

Few days ago I had a dream in which a black hole emerged over Addu atoll. I went to a Pandit to see if there is any meaning in it. According to the pandit, MTCC is having a project over there. What kind of project? Why should it come to me as a nightmare? I asked the pandit. “Well, well, it is difficult to foresee the reality of the project. It seems to be a nonprofit making, complimentary and a very democratic project aimed to clarify the large picture of the Maldives to come. It is a project of Os where they transport construction materials to the projects – tsunami housing projects taking place in Huvadhoo region”, pandit explained awkwardly.

MTCC have enough projects which need materials urgently? Why don’t these Os bother about such projects and find a way to supply materials. If what I have heard is correct many of the Projects by Contracting are at shortage of materials. Even if not a kid, I wonder if the topmost guy is matured enough to run this company. It seems both Os have their own agendas instead of facilitating our work.

There was a time where the name MTCC was a respected and admired brand name in the area of Harbour Construction in Maldives. There was a World where MTCC was the king of this industry in Maldives. None of it happened out of a divine miracle.

Yes, it might be that we automatically got government projects in those days. In the same breath I would say that it also involved proper and systematic management. We have had managing directors who knew what they were doing, what they had to do and when to take decisions. They were grown up matured people, not people who just reached their maturity. They dictate terms on others making sure that all remain within their boundary. They don’t let others to play with them.

Before any project manager, even before the welcome of morning sparrows and roosters it would be him/her who would call the Site managers to know what they have been doing the previous day, whether they had any difficulties and obstacles in their work. Their first priority would be to facilitate the site work.

Dear Os, we can’t circumcise and make you matured! You have to either be that man when you first thought of holding the bridle of MTCC or just divorce us nicely without accompanying us to dooms day.


5 ޚިޔާލުތައް (+add yours?)

  1. 31
    ފެބުރުއަރީ 03, 2011 @ 19:08:58

    31 decemeber 2010 kah maa foariyaa ekku projecteh nimman masakkaih kurivaahaka ehin. e project nimijje ba? mi haaru 31 January ves higejje dho?


  2. bodumanzaru
    ޖަނަވަރީ 17, 2011 @ 15:13:56

    Ekuuveri Seema,

    adhi thifenunee ekkala bodumanzaruge negative, lo hullhuvaaleema aslu igeyne…kaheenu gaathu bunebala bodu manzaru sifa kolla dheebalaashey…e manzaruga MTCC kiyaathaneh oveytho?….


  3. exco
    ޖަނަވަރީ 17, 2011 @ 13:28:01

    I believe COO has enough time learn now . He should have started to action by now.
    CEO may leave anytime but you have to know whats going arround. All these days we had a single head called MD but now there are two but still lagging as never b4. Respective sirs , you still have time to save this company .


  4. sum1
    ޖަނަވަރީ 16, 2011 @ 19:48:40
    will take you back to the past… its not a dream its just shameful reallity..
    Someone has to take responsibility to bring us back to the present and use one of the most promising marketing tools wisely.
    no hard feelings


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