by hro

Every time when things get out of his hand he will take leave. May within this year this is third time to do so. Ones even resignation was accepted but again brought with more power.
His BP went so up, and then to calm him down they gave a cabin. Now the cabin keys are always with him and even when he is on leave. Strange but true

Recently what happened was he created a job for a Senior Engineer post. HR Decided to go for internal announcement which made certain that this job was created for a particular individual. And surprisingly he was the only applicant to this vacancy. Now he has gone up the ladder to a Senior Engineer while others who had work their butt off , productively and efficiently during his study leave are still not lucky enough to be rewarded. May be Education has overruled all others. Is that education he possessed was relevant to the post given (Section head of Property Development)…well may his concern will electrification only. OR is it just FATE? Best wishes and congratulation.

So the person who wanted to have been transferred, so now this executive have not allowed him to access to his workstation since as mentioned above the CABIN been locked all the time. Unfortunately newly transferred head is frustrated before knowing his responsibilities.

So tell me guys, does logistic Ex head has to be mistreated while real abusers who are much highly paid and has done nothing good for the company then providing his CV to be rewarded. Or is all politics?

Why Di Di who followed all the rules made by the company, after such long service to be transferred to idle bank? D you what does that mean, none of us can secure our job now.

Please with all due respect straightened up your heads or else tomorrow may not be yours. Which goes around will come around. IN COURT OF LAW, NO ONE IS GUILTY UNLESS OTHERWISE PROVEN.
That’s a wrap


Gesture; S01.E02, 50 years contract

The Government on Wednesday signed a 50-year agreement with the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) to establish a transport network system between Malé atoll, North Ari Atoll, Alifu Dhaalu atoll, and Vaavu atoll.
The agreement was signed by Managing Director Mohamed Naseem

Gesture; S01.E01, fraud


Losing All

By Duvela,

Most valuable resources of a corporation are its employees. These days this company has neglected its employees and facing bitterness of losing many valuable staff. More

Sorting Priorities

By Falhuveryeh

In a difficult time when engine has stopped and the steering wheel has jammed, to survive there is not much to do but wait for a dry land. Some may try to jump into the deep blue sea and exhaust themselves in searching. While other sit back on the dry deck tanning them at wait for rescue boat. Either way you may survive or die trying. More