Special Promotion, Promotion and increment

Ones again history has repeated. For some reason the management went against the salary structure and evaluation policies as always. They kicked out even staff performance policy as well. Is this the change that we have to accept?

Special Promotion: what dha?

Promotion: by ehat means, some hurdled more than 3 or 4 bands and some even levels . Excuse is all of them are on probation, what dha?

Increment: loved ones get even 3 steps up while the hardworkers left behind

What a life? I wish I was not even born here. None cares the right way but choose easy way. HOPE soon we will get a Managing director and a board of directors with no conflict of interest on running this Company. OR MTCCs’ government share might be sold-out like others.


2 ޚިޔާލުތައް (+add yours?)

  1. hero
    ޖުލައި 23, 2010 @ 15:22:13

    stop been vilans, we all sould be treated in the same manner. OR you all are just execetive chairs…use your brain. This too much to digest.


  2. kashibo
    ޖުލައި 23, 2010 @ 15:18:36

    guys u have been sleeping for ages, what made u awake? was it one you was not trested well.?
    Anyways the change is like this,we stilol feel the bitterness in it.


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