First I thought it was Sappe On Parole, then I realize oops, this time he is on ruling party. Moreover he is the acting head. Well MTCC management has instructed to prepare a SOP to properly activate the new structure. I guess we should find what is this SOP is about! Without it a vehicle could not be prepared, works are lagging, staffs are reluctant to work, no one knows their responsibilities, etc….

So I took liberty on going through Wikipedia to learn about SOP and the following was found;

SOP: A Standing Operating Procedure, A set of instructions covering those features of operations which lend themselves to a definite or standardized procedure without loss of effectiveness

Major Stages in the Preparation of an SOP Manual: The preparation of an SOP manual is an involved task and usually involves three major stages:
1. Business systems and process study by intensive interaction with process owners, managers, operatives, etc. to understand in detail the tasks that are performed.
2. Preparation of the draft manual
3. Finalisation of the draft manual after discussion with users where any errors are corrected and process improvement recommendations are discussed and accepted or rejected.

For more information:


6 ޚިޔާލުތައް (+add yours?)

  1. niEduru
    ޖޫން 19, 2010 @ 12:41:33

    hi bog admin

    ok so its official the blog is now a bog as this is now not updated , maybe blog admin is now at last trying to run mtcc instead of criticizing.

    bitter medicine does taste more bitter when taken by self instead of administering to others.

    dhen lalala


  2. niEduru
    ޖޫން 10, 2010 @ 15:25:06

    kobaith kobaitha esorumen

    enmen, fileetha, hoadha nerey, havarah dhee.

    theeheehee, blog boga veedhoa.

    haadhakameh nethey


  3. niEduru
    ޖޫން 10, 2010 @ 15:22:28


    kobatha mitha miulhey fulhuburinukuraa kudhinkolhu.

    maa avahah dhuvan ulhenikoh vetuneedhoa, SOP hadhan ulhenikoh FLOP hedhuneetha, haadha hevayey,

    mihaaru then heevanee dhivehi radheebugayaa, engereysi dictionareegaves bas husveehen. blog ves bogakah vee dhoa.

    kudhiney gooheh nuhadhachey engey, mee aharumenge kunfuni kan abadhuves handhan kuraathi, aharumen balaakah nuthebeynan kaleymenge dancethakeh, adehnahaanan thijahaa bereh, nunashaanan thi lavayakah, feilvejeh, dhenves kunfeunaingen ulhedheebala nuulennaa istiufaa dheefa efaratha jehilabala. noonee kunihovaalan jehey iru hodhaaves nufenaane.

    ladheves nuganey dhoa.

    mahama heybaliveje.


  4. niEduru
    ޖޫން 07, 2010 @ 14:27:17


    mi blog hinga thinathi maruveetha, haadha update nethey dhoa, hama mihaalu ga kunfunives mi hinganee updateh hama neh.

    kuda hivarey nikan nerelabala kudhiney, thikudhinge dhuvahey adhi miyothee.

    vanulhunukamah buni haethiveetha.

    mava salan,


  5. haha
    ޖޫން 05, 2010 @ 11:41:40

    SOP – Sappe On Probation ?
    SOP – Shadowdhombe On Parole ?


  6. Fact
    ޖޫން 01, 2010 @ 01:50:38

    SOP describes study methods or processes in sufficient detail so as to ensure the quality and integrity of the data, and serve the following functions:

    1. Document established procedures that lead to quality data;
    2. Provide the staff with references for specific tasks;
    3. Construct checklists and quality controls for inspections and audits;
    4. Help management evaluate the adequacy of the procedures; and
    5. Provide an historical record of the procedures in use for a given study at
    a given time, thus allowing for the reconstruction of the study at a later

    The purpose of SOP is to establish a uniform process for the preparation and review of MTCC’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). And to set a written instructions that document a routine or repetitive activity followed by the company while providing individuals with the information to perform a job properly, and facilitates consistency in the quality and integrity of a service or end-result.


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