RECOIL begins

The following took have after the change;
1. 3 heads were sacked and one is trying get back with party influence.
2. Previous procurement boss who was transferred to Logistics Operations which suppose to be based in Thilafushi refused and now based in Head Office.
3. Still newly appointed Business development head is on leave
4. Logistic operation and Engineering is more like step brothers
5. All head office staff is transferring to MTCC tower. Admin Boss is bossing around as always pressuring BSS head and even refused to move as schedule.
6. Sunday the 11th all those Head office staff MOVED to Tower.
This task projected a perfect image of the Future of the company. When all others could unite as a team to assist BSS why not the one using exclusive furniture could corporate. Most of them were complaining but they could have managed their staff to assist. Some even did not empty their locked drawers while some left their personal stuff. Most did not even pack any of their belongings (computer).
So bosses thought this was only BSS task. Those heads are still pressuring to make them as difficult as possible on their very first task. Most likely they are trying to kill this infant baby without mercy.
Those who are not willing to corporate they should leave for good. Lastly I would say Contracting moved to the Tower so smoothly which no one noticed. ISD did same and HR few boys are doing same. This shows the right leader ship who made their department one constructive TEAM. Hats off to Contracting, ISD, HR and most off all To BSS Team.


5 ޚިޔާލުތައް (+add yours?)

  1. chansay
    އެޕްރީލް 13, 2010 @ 13:27:54

    shafeeq do not know what he is doning. he simply dont have the capasity to manage a company like MTCC. he is stupid and dumb. the fact is MTCC is a living dead. and MDP doesnt want a MTCC. soon all the land would be taken. the motive behind moving head office, and logistics is a key move to assign the land for MDP’s agenda. be careful, sawmill is the main target. the public shareholders must act now…. this is peopls money, and should not let shafeeq distroy it…. he is simply following the words of people behind him. Thas is doing every thing to get power. even MDP should now understand by know what a person thas is. MDP lost a seat because thas was greedy. and now he cleared his was by kicking out the people who could possibly become MD’s. thas is fighing to be the MD and saeed to be the head of contracting.

    mooosa is true, fariq is more corrept than any one in MTCC. look at the status of rentals. its all because of his correption and mismanagement.


  2. yellowfever
    އެޕްރީލް 12, 2010 @ 23:00:53

    Shafeeq ge visnumuga adhi kankan kurumuga huri balikan

    1. Eki faharu eki echethi kiyaakan, eburey vahutaane
    2. Meehun, haasakoh department head vaki kuraakashe neygey
    3. Department kuran jehey kankan adhives igi saaf nuvaakan
    4. Admin bodukamun gos division aka vi iru hama ekani phone negumaa, sitee balai gatun dhen molhukolha legal laafa in kan
    5. visnumeh neti Wataniyaa package gos eygen salaamai vaan neygigen uleykan, muvazafunnan bill anakan, sim libifai nuvaa iru, 1000 rufiyaa phone ganan kiyaafa nudheykan


    • yellowfever
      އެޕްރީލް 13, 2010 @ 10:01:33

      Wattaniyaa kanthan ves Thasleem noonee Naseemsore kuri nama varay barrabaru vees ekamaku kuraanee kee. Salaam aai haamidu kureema kamu nidiyaee eh vee bodu olhuvaalumakah.

      mihaaru hurihaakame ves othee egothah the Four mosquiteers (Naseem, Thasleem, Shifau Fariq) nukuraanama ekamah tharuheebu nudheythaa sappe bolah huijahaa ekan viyaka nudhene.

      Bala sappe kurhan dhiya iyaa maaragalhuvaane.
      MTCC mioy oyaalaa dhanee migaumuge HEP ah abah igeybaa mivaagoh.

      Ebunaa molhu thas akee kurin bodaa haakaigen MDP ah Vilikolamaafhushi geluvaali gola. Eyes mehakaa eku ulheekah neygene. abadhuves balaanee amila baaleehah kafalehveytho.


  3. Affect
    އެޕްރީލް 11, 2010 @ 21:27:32

    The HR team showed a great performance during the Head Office movement. Well done! Keep it up in all aspects your job.


  4. Mooosa
    އެޕްރީލް 11, 2010 @ 09:44:10

    yeah fariq is a new born baby….evves meehaku hadhaaneh neiy baa eyna rentals ga ulhunu iru kuri corrupt kanthah thah..eyru ethaa ulhunu arif ey kiyaa meehakaa dhemeehun gulhigen hingi jareemaa ge kanthah rentals ga ulhunu meehun kairee alhe ahaaba dhen milee BSS hurey dhen eyna kuraane kanthah thah…..

    he is a very corrupt person…that was the reason y athif transferred him to corporate and later to thilafushi..

    rentals ge debt boduvumuge enme bodu sirrakee fariq …..eyna kohffa huri kanthakun adhives rentals ah e ulhenee salaamaiy nuvevigen….kihaa thaahiru dhahkaa vaahaaka…..


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