The Pentagon Prison

This article is based on a recent interview given by Mr. Adil, Deputy Minister of Home Affaris to Radio Atoll.

He was asked about the new pentagon jail and its facilities which he answered very much against of entire project. According to him this project was handed over to MTCC in 2006 by former government. The project which began with around 40mills has escalated with variation to more than 90mills.

He was totally unhappy about the design which is not up to standard of a prison. He went on explaining what sort of person should even think of having a wooden ceiling in a prison!

Further the fence works is not up to standard, there is no fire fighting system and most strangely the adjacent cells have light switches on the same wall on exactly opposite to each other which will make inmates easier to pass things from one cell to the other!! No surveillances camera system!

Mr. Adil ended this matter by saying that many unknown changes have made during its construction for which his ministry has filed a case of corruption in AC. This has also been informed to the Finance Minister.

According to a reliable source, MTCC will not be paid for entire variation works.


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  1. hiyani
    އެޕްރީލް 08, 2010 @ 12:24:44

    the poor desing and delays caused due to change of scope to the project are not due to MTCC. it should also be noted that the MTCC must be paid for the work they have done. the jail was broken on a number of times and the client failed to provide a safe work environment and work was redone on a number of times.

    regarding the roof, as far as i know, MTCC engineers, Hussain Shyam and Ranesh notified the issues and its dangers of having a wooden roof, and the contrasting advantages and cost benifits of having a slab.

    one of the reason for MTCC’s current statues is this project, where the client took advantage. yes, MTCC’s management must have taken proper action but the contrating departments project team was too corrept. it was the Engineering team that actually competed the work bringing shame on contracting department.


  2. VJ
    އެޕްރީލް 05, 2010 @ 15:53:38

    with all do respect has he visited to the site?…can some one in MTCC confirm this.
    As fasr as I heard that the ceiling was with timber framing covered with lysaght roofing sheets…May he wanted a concrete slab..
    Fire fighting system: detecters with call points, panles and even hose reel system are installed…May be he issue was there is no pump..
    Definity abput the variation is true..
    About the Money Mr. Sappe has to confirm…


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