Mr. Shaheen who has a civil degree and a master degree in project management was sacked today. Reason no vacancy.

Mr.Ranesh who also has a Masters in project management and a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering was sacked too. Reason no vacancy.

The third was Mr. Solih who has a bachelor who had served much m,onger period than the other two was also sacked. Reason no vacancy.

This is why their names were not found in the new structure.
Will this upset all others who are on study leave?


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  1. Junpin
    އެޕްރީލް 02, 2010 @ 01:41:27

    Coming up Usman….


  2. Empty Accounts (report by: Bank)
    އެޕްރީލް 01, 2010 @ 23:07:04

    Reason is therez no policy to do any actions by HRD. These buggers dont even care about the employees. Its a way of not appreciating what employees had done, they will only realize if it was done to them.

    There is no need to stay quite by keeping our mouths shut. A big attack on these empty minded buggers begin sooooooooon !


  3. Fact
    އެޕްރީލް 01, 2010 @ 19:36:52

    Although they have Degree and Master they might not be capable, loyal and efficient for their job. To achieve our company’s mission & vision we need more capable, loyal and efficient people especially in the higher positions. As for those who are on studying I would say they don’t have to be upset if they possess the above qualities. There are few more people to be demoted in the company I believe.


    • Effect
      އެޕްރީލް 03, 2010 @ 18:51:11

      A newly joined staff said that those who are not very much engaged in their works are more engaged after Mr. Naseem has taken over the HR department and also Mr. Naseem seems to be well knowledgeable in the field.


    • thakuru
      އެޕްރީލް 04, 2010 @ 21:11:51

      fact, you must be one of the people who is behind all this, who is the effective person and who is loyal.

      do you mean that sheereen, abidha, gondi-hamid, Usman, fariq, thasleem, naseem, … name them all, are more efficent and loyal then the ones being sacked.

      the fact is even naseem dont know about the contract between MTCC and its staffs, and the fact is MTCC cannot sack people putting a reson of restructure simply because its not a valid reason for termination as per the contracts… Mr. Shafeeq u better read through the contracts that MTCC has made before sacking people.

      what a good reason code, every time you want to sack some one simply restructure with out the trageted person, hence there is no vacancy for him, then sack… sorry Mr. Shafeeq, this is not your company, you cant do every thing you want here. what if the people who were sacked and the people you plan to sack take leagle action, i wish they would, but seems they are more qualified than begging for jobs. but whos next. and try to make a better reason than no vacancy.


  4. viha
    އެޕްރީލް 01, 2010 @ 11:18:18

    this means,

    dont take, sick leave, ….. u will be sacked

    dont take ur annual leave …… u will be sacked

    dont ask for a study leave….. u will be sacked

    dont try to contribute to the company ….. u will be sacked

    dont try to be smart, ….. u will be sacked


  5. chansay-yanma
    އެޕްރީލް 01, 2010 @ 11:11:25

    now thats very funny,

    as far as i know, Mr. Ranesh left for a PhD to Australia in december 2009

    and Mr. Shaheen wasnt here for since Mr. Naseem was sacked. dont know how solih went, but the truth is that Ranesh and Shaheen let MTCC much long ago.

    the reasons are very clear, MTCC dont need educated people. the reason is well defined. so its a good message for those who are being given power now, they will be sacked next.

    this is a game being played, the fact is MDP does not want to keep MTCC, Nafa was assinged the task of diluting MTCC, but he went the aganst the nome of MDP. the argument is justified by the creation of Works coorporation, duplicating the works of MTCC,

    once in a management meeting during kapoors time, he questioned the management how it would be to have a MTCC without Hussain Shiyam and Ranesh, the company is depending so much on them!, its time to see what happnes next, both of them are out now!. and even in the few month with out them we have noticed the difference. now there is now one to fight for staff rights and work for the betterment of the company.

    let the politics of MDP bring an end to MTCC, the very peopls company or, shall we fight to sustain it.


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