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14 Months old this toddler shows as; 155 post been published with a total of 1059 comments and 79,111 hits. Still getting bigger and stronger as days passed.
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8 ޚިޔާލުތައް (+add yours?)

  1. bog
    މާރިޗު 31, 2010 @ 14:24:07

    Thasleem thi bodu ….. ah. fakkaa hama. rahumah hamdharudhee ah nai …… ah thasleem akee. Usman fakeeru vess roney meena meehakah hadhaadhin meeha usman akee..


  2. Pokeman
    މާރިޗު 31, 2010 @ 09:14:57

    How did Suneeza contributed to the company with her qualification? She was their doing just nothing, when company financially collapsed. She just give orders to people, and sits in the big cabin just doing nothing. That’s what she does with her “big qualification”. She came to MTCC and demanded for a big cabin, a direct phone line etc.


    • MH
      އެޕްރީލް 01, 2010 @ 13:51:47

      a little history of suneeza

      she was educated by STELCO through all the means she could use. then they later realised the unethical system she was having and kicked her off. her previous employers would tell you more about her.

      for those of you who want to try its easy

      her days would beging with the 2 hour cofee, then goes home for one hour, then comes back and have the mid day cofee for 2 hours with the rani-group, then its time for kashi-hefun at finanace for 1 hour, and comes the lunch time. after lunch its giving orders for no more than 1/2 hour, and its cofee time again … well its 3.30 and time to go home.

      what a contrubution to the company. wonder what she showed kapoor.

      regarding qualification, its easy to get it from colombo for any one who trys, … haasako when you have political connections through the high com.


      • Mooosa
        އެޕްރީލް 04, 2010 @ 12:05:40

        suneeza is much qualified than leela…what has leela done so far to the company she too performs promotions……..being the one who has a loud voice is not just enough to run finance…..

        Kiyavan dhiyathee aee fail vegen adhi eyna ah ACCA ves nuninmey but she was rewrded CFO……… gandu ves bunaa adu ivey faas vee enme dhashu dhara jaage ey (Third Class)….

        Rappe is more capable to be the CFO he holds a first class honours in Accounts and Finance.


  3. Afeef
    މާރިޗު 30, 2010 @ 22:13:20

    Nowadays, maintaining that freedom of expression is the key to – democratic good governance. So everyone is welcome to express his/her feedback, ideas, opinions and queries. Our President Said.


  4. kalo
    މާރިޗު 30, 2010 @ 18:07:36

    miyothee kamaka jehifa…zaki fuppany..bidha fai hippany, hamid godi hippany, siraj, suza, adhi shaheed karuna alhnee..solih aai usman kofee hippavanee,,,
    thasleem ai kudhin maikaih kuranee…saabahey thas, sasbahey naseem, saabahey faariq, saabahey shifau…


  5. deffect
    މާރިޗު 30, 2010 @ 18:03:07

    Now the blog is getting better..those who think they are smarter are contributing. I support rappe a lot..u know why he damn quick fingures.. on mnay ocassion he was leading finance but he preffered staying up an playing guiter was more important.
    one more thing does this blog belomgs thasleem?
    I thought he is smarter than this…and one other thing i am sure is sappe would not fall for this blog..he is smrter than wht u guys think..u know when happy u were quiet, u didn’t care when athif and nafa misused our compnay. but now when u were brought back where u belong u r disapointed and u louder than thiunder..any way i appreciqate your concern..but your time has gone…


  6. fact file
    މާރިޗު 30, 2010 @ 09:29:07

    No matter how much you try to play innocent Blog is responsible for the changes you see today.
    true its been a long and laborious time for Thas, Naseem and Latheef and their puppets at contracting writing so much false allegations about who ever they felt threatened to thier route to power.
    Name calling Backiting and slandering had been the norm of the blog with no respect at all to their fellow workers integrity and self respect.

    Sappe felt right into Thas’s BLOG TRAP… Sappe thinks he is smart but he turned out to be as naive as a toddler responding everytime there is an article on him. Now he thinks everything on the Blog is true so his reaction to the resturcturing was based on the inspiration he gets from BLOG… what a fool he had been.
    What else can we accpect he is a arichitect not a management expert and its like a fisherman trying to teach your how to be a broker in a stock market.
    So he believed in whatever picture was shown to him by Thas and team.

    One fine example is Finance .. Rappe is more qualified than Leela to head Finance and Suneeza is a qualified accountant also more qualified than Leela but since leela is Thas’s team she gets to head the finance eventhough she does not even have the required qualification or experience to head Finance the most imoportant department of MTCC.

    Blog featured many articles on Rappe to discredit him with name calling and so on as a prelude to belittling him in order to make way for thas grp and sappe bought it.


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