sneak preview of the new sturcture

Corporate- shereen
admin- abidha
engineering- hamid naseem
logistic- usman
ICS- hamid
BSS- fariq
BDD- latheef
Construction- thasleem
Trade- ihusaan
TSD- huzaima

idea bank – shaheed with suzan

Questions: Shaheen and solih?

others who will be transfered to a differnet section then now:
Hudah- corporate
Faisal- logistics sales
Nafiu- logistics engineering
Zuhury-logistic operational
many more to come….

good things happened to those who were around HIM…..But the CHANGE has to be accepted..l


15 ޚިޔާލުތައް (+add yours?)

  1. Ethere hashi
    މާރިޗު 31, 2010 @ 23:08:21

    The One End Only Engineer at MTCC H.Shaheed (Dhonbe) , heheheh.
    The One End Only Envoy H.Shaheed (Shadow Dhonbe)
    The One and Only Idea Bank H.Shaheed (DHonbe)


  2. Koko
    މާރިޗު 30, 2010 @ 08:59:36

    Dear Emptycc

    What about Latheef he was on leave when all these critical things happaned but because he is part of your gang you put him head of Business Development… So Please be factual.

    Another thing just because you are part of Thasleem and the gang doesn’t mean all you do is right.
    Yes the two u mentioned took leave for only few days possibly for a very important reason but they finished thier assignment (says Thas in mgmnt meeting) before taking leave and with Sappe’s approval. Sappe should be responsible for giving them leave if its so critical.

    As usual shaheed did the hard work of creating and developing BSSD the idea the model and business plan and Fariq took the benefit of his leave to take credit so I heard and so did Susan for Business Development.

    Just look at the history and compare who has done more for the company Shaheed or Thas before you decide to discredit.

    Thasleem felt threatened by Shaheed as shaheed is more capable so he used this blog with his allies (some of the new HOD’s) to invent falk stories about him over the last 4 to 5 months.

    MTCC had 5 civil engineers and shaheed is the only engineer qualified to be at MHTE accreditated professional engineer level. I guess MHTE doesnot award it for nothing.


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