Short N sweet: FIX the FOX

One of the closest allies of the acting MD is a very cunning fox. He volunteered for many committees, but later took a break when he could not. Or he knew his approved leave will be an escape route from all those commitments.

The fox is back and will try influence to those who have been carrying out works he left undone. This time he is bigger and stronger than ever. He could be the COO or AMD. Why? By failing who else get rewarded.

Reliable sources say he is following his big bro by camouflaging according to the surrounding. So those who has power, must fix (evaluate) this fox and others before any changes. OR history will repeat again…


1 ޚިޔާލު (+add yours?)

  1. speakNoEvil
    މާރިޗު 18, 2010 @ 16:56:29



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