Breaking News: HR Head appointed

Mr. Ahmed Naseem (IT Naseem) has been appointed as the new Head of the HR department today. Other posts have not yet been decided. Mr. Naseem a bureaucratic master who has contributed in many ways to MTCC could be the most eligible candidate for this post.
He has dominated in compiling; AGM reports, Salary Structure, Staff Evaluation committee and presently assisting in reforming the company structure.
Some believes that the education he has earned is irrelevant to the appointed post. AND, this may raise doubt for those who were after Sales head.


15 ޚިޔާލުތައް (+add yours?)

  1. shuhain
    މާރިޗު 10, 2010 @ 00:15:50

    My wife Due is end of this April i hope i get my insurance card as soon as possible


  2. speakNoEvil
    މާރިޗު 09, 2010 @ 16:40:02

    Another issue in this difficult would be the transfer of workforce accomodated in sawmill to Thilafushi. This will not give us possitve out come. Even now we are receiving indication from many expatriates that they should be leaving the company. Can you Imaging by providing such a low salaru that they could stay here without going to any other work during off hours. They are paid only MRF 700 as food allownace which is only worth of 2 meals per day.
    Think about the company than fullfilling The Partys; agendas?
    Sappe will be here for a nick of time but most of us toyall re;y on the out of this company


  3. Ayya
    މާރިޗު 09, 2010 @ 15:59:40

    Alhugadu varah bodah ummydhu kuran naseem HR mihaar mihingaa bodhaa usoolu dhookoh zamaany kunfuni thakuga hingaa usoolun mithaage muvahzafunge kanthah balahatta egothah HR ge usoolu thah hingaanekamah.E gothun konme muvazafakah ves emyhaku kuranjehey masahkath thakaai adhi kunfuny ge objectives tha angaadhy ekan tha achieve kurumah massahkath kurun muhinmu. HR gavaaidhu thah vyhaaves muvazzafuna faseyha gothakah battan koh, muvazzafunnaky mulhi company geves enme bodu rausul maalu kamah dhekigen emyhun motivate vaane fadha gothkah kanthah kuraane kamah ummydhukuran. Mi gothun STO fadha kaamiyaabu kunfuni thah namoonaa akah balaa mithan ves efadha goth gothah badhalu kuraane kamah v bodah ummydhu kuran.


  4. bugngney bugngney
    މާރިޗު 09, 2010 @ 15:37:18

    Beyfuhla Issurance card libeyne gotheh hadhaa dheebala.. noonee haqeegaih haama koh dheebala..aharemn athu barabarh laari kadaa adhi bill thakah faisaaeh ves nulibe. hafuthaa eh thery libeyne laarikolhu libeyne kamah policy buney… mi va nee keeh baa


  5. Ihusas
    މާރިޗު 09, 2010 @ 11:51:06

    Saabahey Ahmed Naseem ah….


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