Breaking News: New structure to be revealed

According to a reliable source the new structure would be revealed on coming Sunday. This was supposed to announce on the last Sunday. SMG held today could not finalize the way the structure is while those who had wrap this structure are going door to door to gather any issues those may uprise on implementing the new structure. The news goes on, as one of the main contributors in developing this structure shall be appointed to Head HR department. We all believe if this turnout to be true, it will sure give hope to all the staff in MTCC. He is a trained person with unbelievable knowledge, whose value to the company is more like a pearl that had not yet been discovered.


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  1. Mohamed Shafeeq
    މާރިޗު 07, 2010 @ 12:01:59

    Heads please ready for your next big task

    COO: Abdullah Thasleem
    CFO: Ibrahim Rafiu

    Company Secretary: Aishath Susan

    Policy Level:
    Corporate & Legal Head: Shereen Naseem
    Business Development: Ismail Fariq

    Functional Depts:
    Head of Admin: Abida Rasheed
    Head of HR: Ahmed Naseem
    Head of IT: Ahmed Salaam
    Head of Logistics: Hamid Naseem
    Head of Finance: Leela

    Profit Centres:
    Head of Contracting: Ahmed Saeed
    Head of Trading: Ihusaan Shareef
    Head of Transport: Shifau
    Head of Building Service: Hussain Shaheed


  2. mega be
    މާރިޗު 07, 2010 @ 00:47:52

    strucutre hadhan volunteer kuri shaheed dhonbe chutteega. hama aamugothega hen bolun katuvaalee. dhen mi kan kuri meehuna dhimaalah faadu kiyaanee. adhi mi vee haa thaaku rangalheh kmeh nimmifa neh kan faa haga kuran. migothun mihaaru huri mD havaalu kurri evves kameh nukureve adhi. foththeyoge concept eh ves nuhedhe, ferry terminal ves oth aih nulaa, toweruge evves kameh nuvey, ….
    massal akah nuvaane anekka ves libeyny bodu rewrdeh viyaa. mihaaruves dhuvaalakh 1000 kah vureh gina MTCC in libey.
    structure komme bayaku hedyas mi dhaanee hama thaareehu iyadha kuramun. sarukarah ai badhaul heyo badhlakah nuve ulhenikoh MTCC ah ranglahu badhleh aumuge evves ummeedheh neh.


  3. Fact
    މާރިޗު 06, 2010 @ 23:32:17

    moving the old unqualified people from one place to other won’t to do any better, qualified new fresh minds will do much better.


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