In a recenetly held senior management meeting the following were discused:
to reduce fixed OT
re-do business plan
to revise phone allowance
to cut site allowance

Majority of the oldies rejected on elimination of so called fixed OT which is not a provision to those who do not even attend to office after hours or even on saturdays. if you do not believe just follow this matter and seak for the truth. Contact them or visit them to find out how much they deserve for the fixed OT. No one should be paid a fixed OT which they even get when they are on leave. Small boys perspires or expires while the big ones party.

Re-structure- the person who failed to manage a section of department was allocated for much risky task for MTCC.

Business Plan: with new MD new vission, wonder how realistic this would be!!!

Phone allowances: may change to Wathaniyya since they are offering a really good package for the seniors. This will be accepted without any hesitation.

Site allownce: those ED and Contracting staff who get site allowance may be deducted after a salary increment. What a joke right. Doesn’t anybody in SM knows that there is a salary structure!!! evaluate first.

I will leave you guys to comment and provide additional information on the subjects mentioned.
May Allah save this company to feed our families.


11 ޚިޔާލުތައް (+add yours?)

  1. galolhu
    ފެބުރުއަރީ 09, 2010 @ 23:06:01

    Just be patient. His Excellency President will soon find a suitable ganja partay to head MTCC. Then you will all reach new heights.


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