113: Cost cut down

MTCC has too many departments with no vision to develop the company. Departments like admin. HR and share was a single unit during the term of Bandhu Saleem., Marketing and business development has to be rebirth to compete in a competitive market. TSD has to concentrate on only mid province.. Reduce cost but improve services, Fire the corrupted managers. Reduce salaries and cut down allowances of unnecessary heads. FIRE senior foreign staff who gets fat pay check with provision of accommodation.


2 ޚިޔާލުތައް (+add yours?)

  1. މޮދަރޭތަރ
    ޖަނަވަރީ 28, 2010 @ 21:34:18

    Chief Accountant: Rf. 50,000.00 + living & food ……visa……. per year up & down ticket to his own country
    Chief Internal Audit: Rf. 30,000.00 + living & food …visa….per year up & down ticket …….
    All Deputy directores: not less than Rf. 1,000.00 per day


  2. Laila
    ޖަނަވަރީ 28, 2010 @ 21:11:31

    CUT the Fixed OT.
    Renaming it to Responsibility Allowance will not sole the problem or cut down any costs, but will only create more. What do u realy mean by Responsibility ? Dont they decide your salary amount based on your responsibility? Maybe some people get Basic Salary for just sweeping in the card, OT for staying in office after hours. and Fixed OT (Responsibility Allowance) for the work they does. Does this make any seance. Why only a special bunch of freaks gets this benefit? If thats the case the then even they low level staff like Laborers should bet Basic Salary+OT+Labour Allowance (Responsibility Allowance). The Carpenters should get the Carpenters Allowance, Mechanics, the Mechanic Allowance and even the Cooks, the Cook Allowance. What do you really mean by the the word RESPONSIBILITY? Maybe it’s time to redefine it. Do you really think a Section Head or a Department Head will take over the work of a Cook, if he fails to do his duty? suppose if the Cook is on sick leave. Well thats very simply, that will be a BIG NO. The BOSS will simply ignore it or will assign it to someone else or just let it be. Who cares ? Is this what you call RESPONSIBILITY ? Or does this justify your so called “FIXED OT”?


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