104 – WISH YOU HAPPY 2010

On this ocassion all wish all MTCC staff a better year a head menyioning you all will be insured with much better package than ever. The credits go to all those who contibuted on this issue moslt using this blog. We shall joing togerther and can achieve much more.

MD is in Laamu to celeberate ne year while bodiba party held at sawmill. We must look much closer and keep everybody aware of whats going on. This blog will continue if you all keep contributing.
Again wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR


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  1. 2010
    ޖަނަވަރީ 03, 2010 @ 02:23:50

    happy new year to the blog and its fans.
    this year began with a blast; Ranesh left for vacation who might not return to his colleagues, ABIDA, taking over TBD (isn’t this a dirtbag) this must be a slap on Ranesh face saying that a he is not smarter than a fifth grader…
    th blast continues with fireworks in Laamu..MD and his boy soem how managed to get a seat to Laamu, saying up your A$$ to all other projects..leaving no-chpice to others but wait until he returns…I think someone need to mentione here how many dyas he attended Head office in last december..
    so u think this new year will bring results…NO, y? check the all on going projects of the contracting, Sales stock and ordered lsit, check the weakning of rentals, go through how much TSD lose oer day in province transportation, analyse how many outstanding bills are there in procurement and y they cannot purchase more, AND check finance dept on the companys’ accounts balances since they were just able to pay decmeper payroll…comment is getting too long so I will end by saying if this year to prosperous or succesfull, u all need to stand up and fight for it.


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