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  1. Jimmy Whales
    ޖަނަވަރީ 01, 2010 @ 15:12:20

    Bandhu is the best of the 4 mentioned in this poll. Yet he is not a modern executive, he was more of a PM than a leader. He knows how to mobilise ppl to do labour oriented (often times with practical experience and book knowledge) tasks in short span of time. the outher did not mention previous MDs. Bandhu had his favorite group of ppl who had no managerial or executive value, but were more like robots. By the time MI came the robos had become a bit intelligent, and the more intelligent ones ruled while he was here. When Athif came the robos had gained political wisdom, they operated on polically favorable grounds and orders. Now with Nafa the robos had lost there wisdom, cos every move Nafa makes is haphazardly a blunder.


  2. Tim Sebastian
    ޑިސެންބަރު 31, 2009 @ 03:20:28

    They fall in different categories. Here is a point system created to give them points so when adds up, it will show how good they are in Managing a Company like MTCC.

    1- Bandhu Saleem

    a- Character:
    – Gets along well with most people;
    – Enthusiastic;
    – Dynamic;
    – Hard working;
    – Tries to learn things on his own;
    – Well prepared;
    – Somewhat strict;
    – Womanizer;

    b- Background:
    – Economics ( Diploma in Economics);
    – Industrial experience;
    – Resort business (cyprea hotels)

    c- What people love about him:
    – Great communication skills;
    – Tries to learn different languages and uses it frequently;
    – Economically focused;
    – Shareholders were happy when he started making profits and they started earning some dividends which they were not fortunate to have in the past;
    – Girls were happy – he celebrates their b’days and frequently overnights with them in resorts;

    d- What people hate about him:
    – Gets angry very often;
    – Uses some foul language;
    – Takes unnecessary risks;
    – Men hate him – he always keep beautiful girls in his cabin as secretaries;

    e- Leadership roles:
    – Started most profitable projects;
    – Built a team which was strong and hard to defeat;
    – People followed his foot steps and some even bowed him in the past;
    – Strong team player;
    – Trusts most around him even though shouts and scolds them often;

    f- Overall:
    – Good visionary leader;
    – Enthusiastic team player;
    – Charismatic womanizer;
    – stubborn and reckless person some times.

    g- Score:

    2- Mohamed Ibrahim (MI)

    a- Character:
    – Gets well with few and afraid to face real people;
    – Childish and some say more sort of Katheeb character;
    – Static – doesn’t follow the techno trend;
    – Can be molded into any form – an advantage to the competitors;
    – Lazy and unwilling to learn new things;
    – Well presented but not well prepared;
    – Too lenient;
    – soft spoken;

    b- Background:
    – Management;
    – Airport operations and ground handling;

    c- What people love about him:
    – Hangs around with some lower level staff;
    – Happy go lucky sort of character;
    – Care free;

    d- What people hate about him:
    – Always mouthful of arecanuts;
    – Has a hobby of asking “Koa’che? Koa’cheh?;
    – Transformed into a lunatic when he sees company’s profit and purchased unnecessary vehicles;
    – Wanders around and spies on some people;
    – Gives up easily

    e- Leadership roles:
    – Lousy leader with no business focus;
    – No one wanted to follow his path;
    – Ignored getting experience from ex-md when he was requested to do so;
    – Weak team mate;
    – Tried to resign from his post of MTCC MD, later transferred as a Deputy Minister to Construction Ministry.

    f- Overall:
    – An Average sort of guy with no big dreams;
    – Lack of team spirit and focus;

    g- Score:

    3 – Athif Shukoor

    a- Character:
    – Gets along well with some people;
    – Hard working sometimes;
    – Tries to learn new things;
    – A Camel rider – rides a female camel in MTCC often

    b- Background:
    – Management ( Masters in Business Management);
    – Industrial Fishery works;
    – Works with Newton in stelco – know how of electricity

    c- What people love about him:
    – Extremely nice to some people;
    – Great communication skills – was the failed media coordinator of DRP;
    – Cries very often – not a strong person;
    – Gets angry very easily and unnecessarily;
    – Loves lavish lifestyle

    e- Leadership roles:
    – Smart manager;
    – Can manage a company but needs to focus only on business;
    – A dreamer who sometimes achieve goals;

    f- Overall:
    – Immature Managing Director;
    – Failed politician

    g- Score:

    4- Mohamed Naseem (Nafaa Naseem)

    a- Character:
    – Gets along with some people very well;
    – A Great story teller;
    – Just a dreamer;
    – A frequent liar;
    – Tries to fool everyone around;
    – A bad chicken egg in a dogs nest;
    – Talks like an economist, acts more of a scientist;
    – Loves to travel around;
    – A toddy tapper who used to tap other peoples toddy;
    – Careless and carefree

    b- Background:
    – Economics (Masters in Economics);
    – Media related works;
    – Fishing industry;

    c- What people love about him:
    – Generous to the needy, copies Buruma Gasim and wants to be a philanthropist;
    – Speaks Arabic fluently;
    – Politically motivated so MDP guys love him;

    d- What people hate about him:
    – Gets angry very easily and unnecessarily;
    – Uses street language often – a filthy mouth;
    – Most of his actions are politically motivated;
    – Lies unnecessarily;
    – Unfulfilled promises – too often and too many;

    e- Leadership roles:
    – Lousy leader with no fixed direction;
    – Weakened the links in MTCC team;
    – Majority of employees hate him;
    – Weak team player;
    – Trusts no one;

    f- Overall:
    – Not a visionary leader;
    – Crooked team player;
    – Well trained toddy tapper;
    – stubborn and reckless bugger.
    – A liability to the company

    g- Score:


  3. TeamMTCC
    ޑިސެންބަރު 30, 2009 @ 18:23:54

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  5. TeamMTCC
    ޑިސެންބަރު 30, 2009 @ 18:21:06

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  6. adam
    ޑިސެންބަރު 30, 2009 @ 16:41:56

    Mohamed Ibrahim is the best


  7. club
    ޑިސެންބަރު 30, 2009 @ 13:17:49

    Bandhu saleem was the best , no comment for the rest


  8. dmd
    ޑިސެންބަރު 30, 2009 @ 00:57:11

    the best to the worst for the company:
    bandhu,MI,athif then Nafa
    noone in this list even compete bandhu wherelese MI had a short time but loyal while the other two are too poltical


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