MTCC has started ferry transportation to mid province on the 10th of Decmeber 2009. Some celebrated it with joy while others for seek the bitterness of this project. Who on earth with kind of sanity in their mind would ever thought of investing or even committing such a thing? NOT other than a political leader with intensions to assit his party with the support of it members.

These kinds of decisions made by present Management are not new to all our staff. From the board to Senior Management, all must take responsibility of any effect due to this. They must be questioned, punished for their action or more important STOPPED. This is not Government Company but it is a public company.


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  1. medhu Uthuru
    ޑިސެންބަރު 14, 2009 @ 20:35:13

    hehhe kihaa varakun dhaane kameh baaa, mihaaruves e othi Thaa. Atollge Ferry laari nudhah kaigen hifahahtaafa. Male’ ga Black list vefa thibegen Raajethereyah ves fethurigathee MTCC in ves. Handhaan kuraathi mi kunfuneege enmebodu% hissaakuranee Raajethereyge meehun kan.
    Province Transport Manager Boahamajassaalan Leave ga.


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