Recently there was a suffle in the senior management, This was the third time changes brought in less than a year of Nafa office. HOD of the contracting changed twice, MREIC went on a major overhaul while corporate was given a new one who had serve from MDs’ secretery to Manager level. She has been appointed as the corporate deapartment HEAD for no other reason than to get rid off Madam. This new madam is still cleaning her office and planing to get office furnitures worth more than 40,000 MRF. OMG, Expenses which will never generate any income to the company. Now new MREIC head is also looking for his office furbitures too, which will not be much less than of hers. Bidha who is behind all this must to be quaratine.
These kind of expences MUST be stopp immediately when the company is in ICU. OR else we will loose it forever……


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  1. Baafothikolhu
    ޑިސެންބަރު 19, 2009 @ 22:17:57

    “Its all about knowing the situation and making the right decision based on the scenario. Now the business scenario is so volatile that you cant predict whats going on tmr.”…hehe i dont know wat u re trying to prove here…u dont really make right decisions based on scenario if u dont hve exprience…specially under pressure..such things u learn by exprience…caz this is a practical environment…

    can u teach u kid how to walk without letting her on her feet just using a pen n a paper?!?!?

    how did Thomas Edison succeeded in inventing the bulb. He made over a thousand light bulbs that didn’t work, not caz hes not educated…caz he doest hve he failed to make the right decision with the limited exprience he had…

    hve u heard of words like Forensic Science, Feasibility Studies…wat do they stand for if we can’t predict things….why do people do industrial training and internship as part of their higher education courses if exprience is not needed..y do exprienced engineers n doctors find it easy to get highly paid jobs than fresh graduates..why is that…can u tell me…

    n about this lady..wat exprience re u talking about…making coffee for 8 years as MDs secretary..huh..u think i dont know who u re talking about…u shudnt hve replied to me…this proves nothing other than ur ignorance…


  2. adhiri
    ޑިސެންބަރު 19, 2009 @ 15:06:49

    Haha…baafothikolhu…You proved my point. Ahmed Fulhu and Ageelbe dont have educational xperience so they are stucked. By the way dont joke people physical appearance. It has nothing to do with capability. I never mention that in any where. I guess you belong to ancient times. You talk like a total freak. Do you really know how today’s business environment works?. Dude learn from me. First of all you dont need xperience. Its all about knowing the situation and making the right decision based on the scenario. Now the business scenario is so volatile that you cant predict whats going on tmr. So how can you make decision based on past experience. LOL. Its all abt contemporary business. U talk like that u have EXPERIENCE and very proud of that. No offense bro that counts nothing in todays world. By the way I want to tell u something that u dont know::::Suxan worked in Marketing department as Department Head and Rentals Dpt too. She has at least 8 years SO called EXPERIENCE in MTCC.. So who is a KID nOW????????


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