Contracting needs someone with…

Contracting needs someone with professional education, adequate experience, self motivation, enthusiasm…..


No doubt, as mentioned in previous articles, Contracting Dpt. of MTCC is the main column upon which the whole company stands. Though it was spoon fed with projects previously, in today’s market she has to compete with her counter partners for winning projects.  But still she may get some freely as the major share of the company is held by the government.

So, when we talk about the head of this dynamic Department, we are talking about an ardent and prudent person with professional education and experience in a similar area. Someone wise enough to make clear cut decisions under unfavourable circumstances. Someone sound enough to handle people with inspiring leadership qualities. Someone who can foresee what is it going to be like, before things end up in a big mess (Well, of course no one knows unseen). This list can be continued like this. But I would leave it up to this, and if you feel this is not complete enough to describe the qualities of someone to be the HOD of contracting, just modify it according to your taste.

Shaheed (previous HOD I guess) is a professionally educated man who worked in Health Ministry giving consultancy in Civil Engineering projects before employed at MTCC. And at MTCC, he has been handling projects for about 5 years. But I can’t grade him as someone who has had enough professional experience. Rather he is a type of person where the leadership qualities can’t be inhibited through experience. From what I know, he is weak in handling people and making sound decisions under difficult circumstances. So my example of him for you would be a dough that could be made into any shape that the baker (staffs) likes. If the baker wishes, he could be made into a bun that looks like a penis even.

Thasleem (new HOD I guess) is a man with professional education but possesses inadequate professional experience to be the HOD of Contracting. I would say he can be better than Shaheed in controlling people and leading them ahead. And in my opinion, holding a Masters degree by course work is not something that needs to be given much credit to put him ahead of Shaheed educationally. A course work Masters Degree is more or less similar to a bachelor Degree. He was without professional education for most of the years at MTCC. But he has far less experience in the management level to be the HOD of a department like Contracting. I would say that he is just a toddler in this race of Head of departments.

Many of us have the idea that having a Degree (whether Bachelor or Masters) means that they deserve the prefix ‘senior’ to be added to their title or should be appointed as some form of Department heads. But in a practical environment like the construction industry, that can’t be the case. Thasleem became a senior Engineer just because he got a masters degree. And now he is to become the HOD I guess. How many years is it for today, since he got the masters degree? How much has he done to deserve to be the HOD? Can anyone mention the things he has done or improved or how his studies have contributed to the Contracting department? Without enthusiasm and self motivation we can’t actually see the good effects from anyone. What has he done to show or prove his motivation and enthusiasm to what he is doing? Well, the same questions can be asked regarding anyone who thinks he/she deserves to be the HOD or who is appointed as the HOD.

The fact that many staffs in Contracting like him doesn’t make him the man who can run the department. People may like him because he is a charming guy who get along with each and every staff and that is a good point, but still it doesn’t give him the capabilities of running a department like Contracting.

Though not professionally educated, Musthafaa Moosa would have more experience in the harbour construction area than the two guys mentioned above. But that is not just enough to be the HOD of contracting. Some say this guy is so proud and deceiving. In that case why don’t the guys who are senior to him (Musthafaa) handle him? Why don’t them (who call Musthafaa a proud guy) talk about those senior guys who give Musthafaa the chance to be like that?

If someone is to include more names to this list I guess it would be Shaamin and Saeed. Yes, Shaamin is a capable guy with potential. He might be more capable than the 3 guys I have mentioned even, but that fact that he is so cunning made him to sit aside. Indeed, he is or he could have been the best figure at Contracting. Alas! He just left all those chances he got to be a strong figure. Saeed is too young (not his age) to be counted in this list.

We know that nobody would be perfect in anything. So irrespective of the capabilities of a man selected as HOD we still need someone to scrutinise him (HOD). And this man is supposed to be someone who’s holding a higher authority than the HOD. Yes, who else could it be other than the MD? And when MD is in a worse condition than our HODs, what can we expect?

I wonder if there is anyone out there who really work for the goodness of the Company, even the MD (nafa kalhey) himself is not good enough to be a sincere man. So from whom else can we expect to have sincerity and love for the Company?


NOTE: As I am not from contracting I couldn’t get enough information about the people about whom I have tried to write. But I hope the few points I have got from my friends are true and correct. And other than facts all ideas and thoughts expressed in this article are my thoughts which can differ from yours.


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  1. lexWhacetetle
    ޖަނަވަރީ 02, 2010 @ 07:53:25

    Awesome post, I didn’t thought reading it was going to be so cool when I read the title!!


  2. umey
    ޑިސެންބަރު 03, 2009 @ 23:07:42

    Kaleymen haadha varakashey dho jealous vegen thiulhenee bayaka promotion libigen. Mee insaanee thabeeai. Kithanme varakah liunas heevanee thi liyaa bayakah maa bodu kame nei hen.
    kaleymen kiyevi kamaa medhuves mihaaru shakku vaa varu vejje. randu anhenunhen abadhu thithibenee kudhi kiya kiya. Dhen ulhey faadu dho. accheedi.


  3. mulla
    ޑިސެންބަރު 03, 2009 @ 18:15:24

    ehenihaa dhera kemeh mee, kalomen masshkaih kuranee MTCC akakh noontha..
    thimaa ruhey veriyaku nayas heveh noon..thi ulhnee hama verinah sana kiyagen, soojee boi kameh nuoh thiben. ladaya vaanee ladaey bune ehnnu.


  4. puppets
    ޑިސެންބަރު 02, 2009 @ 19:28:04

    This is the most interesting article ever posted since the birth of this Blog…


  5. Buzz
    ޑިސެންބަރު 02, 2009 @ 16:27:50

    If you guys think that there is something wrong with the Structure, or the HOD of the Contracting, then you guys are very wrong. It’s the team effort that counts and their commitment that does the magic. If it’s only a certain “Figure” as “The HoD”, then this Department, or even the Company could have failed long time back.
    Unlike other departments Contracting have been performing well and achieving it;s targets from the day one since the department was formed. I think the current HOD will be th 10th one since the Department was formed in the mid nineties. if I’m not wrong that’s 14 years back.Which mean the HOD keeps on changing every 1 and half years time . Wow thats strange for a Department of this scale. But yet they manage o succeed. Why? Because of the Team Work and their commitment. I agree there that there were something that kept that TEAM alive. The Managing Director, their experience,guidance and their vision. Not the HOD and that proves my point. Wat we really need is a good MD, someone who is willing to run this company, someone who can guide us through the difficult times, some one who understands what we are getting into and someone who can takes us to the next step. Maybe there are always will be differences in views but it’s always about the judgments we make, the decisions we take and end of the day what really matters most is what you get on the balance sheet, yeah that’s really what we should we be looking for. Contracting have the most committed and hard working Team in the company. They have succeed where others have failed, and it’s those hard working, young & Energetic team of Contracting that really placed MTCC’s foot prints on the map, from the Northern tip to the very Southern end of the country. Damn, I love this company.


    • Thanbi
      ޑިސެންބަރު 03, 2009 @ 03:51:17

      Buzz..i think this article is very right in mentioning the role of HOD…or why do we need a HOD…basically HOD means someone more capable than the others in the department…we need such a man to control things when the junior staffs fail or when they need help due to lack of education or exprience…we need such a man to “foresee what is it going to be like, before things end up in a big mess”, everyone in a department will not be so exprienced…we need such a man who can and re ready to take responsibilities…so if we have such a HOD we will surely see the difference at times of critical situations..caz its at that point we can nicely differentiate the capabilities of a naormal person and a qualified a normal day to day work we may not be able to differentiate them (so wat u re saying can be applied to such a day only)…but this doesnt mean we dont need such a qualified HOD to diverge contracting…

      As mentioned in the article, previously MTCC didn’t have to compete others…no pressure from Island people…but that day has gone…things re really different…things re not smooth as before…so for that reason we need some one who re open to todays industry…


  6. Reader
    ޑިސެންބަރު 02, 2009 @ 14:22:13

    I know this guy, Shamin, he’s a smart ass, a cunning fellow too. I have worked with him in more than a few occasions. He knows what he is doing, and he is always above the others. I think even some people in Contracting believes that this guy is more capable than most of his seniors.
    When Athif was in power, those around Athif convinced him that this guy is in contact with the YELLOWS. And now when Nafa is in power, those closest to him had made him to believe that this guy is carrying a BLUE Flag. No wonder why he is not around anymore in the front seat


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