MTCC Bafayaa Awards 2009

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It comes with great despair that the hard work of the Employees has again been put into Trash with the recently floated evaluation forms. From time to time, we have been hearing famous saying “The Greatest Asset of any Company is its Employees” but do you really think any of our seniors give a damn about it? This may not be the best platform to discuss the Employee Benefits but we strongly believe that what you get at the end of the month in your bank account is not the only thing that will keep you motivated.

A small group of Employees within the Company has brought to our attention, the idea of introducing an award system “The Bafayaa Awards” to recognize the hard work of their fellow colleges. This may financially never carry any weight to your bank account but as Grand Ma always says “Money Isn’t Everything & There Are Things Money Can’t Buy, Moments It Cannot Treasure & Health Diet is Always Better Than Silver & Gold”.

The selection criterion is kept secret and we prefer not to share it as 100% of you cannot agree on it. The Least you know, The Better it is for you. To be honest, there is a flaw in the selection criteria, that is due to nature and variables involved in the selection process, preference is given Top Management and those at the bottom are left unattended as usual. We believe this wouldn’t be any issue as it carries no actual benefit other than the recognition itself.

For the ease of understanding, we have grouped the nominations for 5 different categories, Leading Role in a Reality Drama, Supporting Role in a Reality Drama, Life Time Achievements, The Shared Awards and finally Remarkable Comebacks.

The nominations are presented in this format. The Name, The Character and The Drama.

Nominees for a Leading Role in a Reality Drama

1. Nafa – The Gatekeeper, from, On Time, Every Time.
2. Nafa – The Leader, from, Without A Vision.
3. Ihsan – The Botanist, from, Royal Sales Gardens.
4. Ranesh – The General from, The Thilafushi Battalion.
5. Shaheen – The Lover Boy, from, The Girls School.
6. Abidha – The Witch, from, The Book of Nonsense’s.
7. Liusha – The Mysterious Girl, from, Legally, Boys Hostel.
8. Shaheed – The Wanderer, from, Never-Never Land.
9. Hamid – The Singer, from, The Unreleased Album.
10. Shakthive – The Actor form, 100% Tamil Nadu.

Nominees for a Supporting Role in a Reality Drama
1. Thasleem – The Parliamentarian, from, Fools Republic.
2. Fazna – The Iron Lady, from, Fancy Showcase Club.
3. Nizam – The Principal, from, Adult Kindergarten.
4. Shamin – The Usual Suspect, from, The Bad Company.
5. Salaam – The Hairdresser, from, Techno Salon Inc.
6. Moosa – The Detective, from, The Intelligence Bureau.
7. Suneeza – The Cheer Leader, from, The Fiscal Parade.
8. Latheef – The Typist, from, The Aggravation Committee.
9. Fathih – The Priest, from, St. Shaheens’ Cathedral.
10. Saeed – The Bell Boy, from, Holiday Inn Resort, Laamu.
11. Zaki – The Informer, from, The Inner Circle.
12. Musthafa – The Jailer, from, Fort Kurendhoo Wing.
13. Jabeen – The Maid, from, The VIP Lounge, MTCC Motel.
14. Hudha – The Jaariya, from, Prince Shaheen’s Castle.

Nominees for the Life Time Achievements
1. Usman – The Moody, from, The Old Coffee Club.
2. Sinan – The Mullah, from, The Spiritual Academy.
3. Yanma Hassan – The Mad Man from, The Ex Stock.

Nominees for the Shared Awards
1. Solih – The Greedy Fellow, from, The Corrupted Commission.
2. Siraj – The Greedy Fellow, from, The Corrupted Commission.

Nominees for the Remarkable Comebacks
1. Suzan – The Drama Queen from, Gossip Unlimited.

More awards yet to come and it’s up to the readers to decide who the real winners are.


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  1. os-ka
    ޑިސެންބަރު 02, 2009 @ 01:55:23

    Some more nominees to add on the supporting role:

    Shameem: The Chief, from, The Untouchable
    Yanmar Abdulla: The X, from, Transformer part II
    Faisal: The Mama, from, The big mama house
    Laamu Atoll team: The best men,from,The Wedding Planer


  2. beyya
    ޑިސެންބަރު 01, 2009 @ 12:09:48

    emme Jaariya ehh the mtcc ge ulhenee. kobaa tha contracting ga inna dhon manje.


  3. Buzz
    ޑިސެންބަރު 01, 2009 @ 12:09:22

    Very interesting and funny too. I like the characters. And these guys they really fits into the characters mentioned. Iron Lady, Parliamentarian and the Botanist. Very creative and how do u come up with these kind of ideas. The name “Bafayaa Awards” thats the best part and nothing zaatee at all in this article Good and keep up the good work


  4. bunny
    ޑިސެންބަރު 01, 2009 @ 12:08:53

    Ey mi artical ga ves mi othee Shaheen ge gadha vaahaka. Church akkaa Castle ehh hunna vaahaka. Adhi Jaariyaa in ves gengulhey vaahaka. E soru dhen ehen veema kihaa foni vaane.


  5. nudhahkaa
    ޑިސެންބަރު 01, 2009 @ 12:08:27

    Ey kaaku tha mi blog moderator aki. ebahuri jahaalan rangalhu vaahak thakeh. veringe level ge beyzaaruvun thakeh. fahareh ga aharumen kahala meehunah engen nuvaane kanthah thakah vedhaane . namaves Raiyithunge kunfunyakah vee beedhain aharenge kunfunyakah vaaathee beynun vanee mivaahaka thah kiyaabayakah angaalan. Phone bill fadha in . baeh echehi ebahuri scan copy aa eku. afirin beynunvanee mi liyun ehurihaa nakal thakaa eku laan. eyrunthaa kamuge thedhu dhogu engeynee. mihaaru mi vaagothakee mi Blog thah beynun mikuranee kameh rangalhu kurumuge badhalugai, hasadhafiluvaa page eh ge gothuga.


  6. team
    ޑިސެންބަރު 01, 2009 @ 12:07:42

    kunfuneege aharee dhuvahu inaam dhinun onaaanee. Adu ehin Thilafuhsi ga yeh onnaanee bunaa adu.


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