LOOKING AT THE HOUR GLASS: Contracting department

Contracting Department is the most income generating and profitable department in MTCC since it has started. Some called it the backbone of the company. Well discipline and hard working had made it one the top contractors in the country. Flying high days are gone now and it weakening day by day. Staffs are de-motivated.
MD does not give any attention to this department any more. His top priority is Laamu atoll or purchasing material from abroad so he can ravel a lot.
When look at the department now, its running with the slowest of all. The head spend most of time on phone or in meeting. He has no idea about the going projects. Department is ruled with political favors. Any body with in this group is just a wanderer there. Expenses are more than income, sites are idle, projects are going to LD, new projects are had to get.
IF MTCC need to survive, it needs a management with a better vision and who shall set priorities for the good of the company? Start analyzing the company from top to bottom. Team has to be re united. Most of all management must again earn trust from the staff and respect them.


32 ޚިޔާލުތައް (+add yours?)

  1. finance kujjeh
    ނޮވެމްބަރ 25, 2009 @ 23:41:38

    thi ee dhen than fukeh boduvaru, bala mtcc ge 60% contracting in hissa vaathee ahuremen ufaa kuran vee nun. ahuremen hithah aihaa echcheh mi govanee mithanuge maibadha bindhaa lan vegen bayaku dhuruga thibegen plan koggen. meega enmme adeega ulheyne mtcc ge kureege isverin ves. emeehunah ves heevaa kahala thimanna men beynun gotheh hedhi dhaane kamah. Nafa naseem mtcc baguroot vedhaaney buni hisaabun feshigen miverin mi game jassan fashaafi. balaga thiya thibevenee nidhifa tha noonee nidhaafa tha. mi kunfunee ge muvazzafun mikunfuni dheke nuvi loabeh ehen bayaku nuvaane. ekan emmenah ves hadhaan koh dhen

    binaa kuruvanivi faadu thakah varah maruhabaa. dhefuh fenna nizaam thakugaves sirru hunna kan hadhuma koh aruvan


  2. emptycc
    ނޮވެމްބަރ 25, 2009 @ 10:54:28

    out of cubject


  3. Kanburey
    ނޮވެމްބަރ 24, 2009 @ 15:29:13

    Magaam thah OK. ekamaku MOHANAH dhoni dheygothah dheegen nuhingeyne.
    jeheyne baraa ekoh dheyn, kaaleema dhen fahun fiyavalhu alhaaneee. kandhen bahattaaa.


  4. enkolhu
    ނޮވެމްބަރ 24, 2009 @ 15:26:09

    Mee MTCC ge Degree Team ge list eh. Palm Deck Tea ge Ninmun dho? adhives hama eh nuveyehnnu. Magaamaa Departmentaa hadhaafa namaves full fill kuran jeheyne. ehen noonee anehkaa meeting baavan jeheyneee..


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