Grievances -1

Contributed by staff

On behalf of the MTCC staff the following concerns have to be addressed to the board, the management of MTCC or the Grievance committee as earliest. Hope this will not be ignored since these have come from many of sincere employees ,who shall be kept unmentioned.

Their main concerns (not in any order):

  • Insurance scheme: Worst package for the staff. (BML, Dhiraagu and even much smaller companies offers to their staff much better packages). (ps refer to the articles and comments published in this blog for more complains)


  • New Salary structure:

          o Benefits to the seniors while the lower levels are left to struggle.

          o OT questionable!

          o Thilafushi , staff must get a beneficial like off-residential allowance

          o Long term allowance has to implemented

          o Fuel or transport allowance to procurement related staff

         o Late fine, still calculated like before. This must be deducted per minute than per 15 minutes

         o Phone allowance is unrealistic

        o Duty travel, especially foreign, entertainment allowance! For what?also why all these allowances varies with than MD. (if some has to travel with MD, they will get lower allowances and still has to travel, eat and stay with MD and get less allowances.!!!!!

       o Education allowance, is not a discrimination allowance

       o Band to to band increment is consistent in the same level

       o Senior Engineer is must not be in a lower level than a deputy director. Now they lower then even assistant directors!

       o BIAS


  • Company Structure:


       o Politically influenced structure

       o A bias structure

      o Unnecessary departments and units, just to give some one a higher rank. Legal Department (only two staff, not even a single senior staff), Logistics and Rentals department (logistic does not mean tug and barge), Admin can go together with Corporate and maintenance has to be with them but not under TSD.


  • MTCC Scholars: Majority of educated ones under the scheme are left in a lower level with fewer authorities and responsibilities. They are frustrated….Those who have been invested must be used wisely.


  • Corruption: everywhere anywhere at any time and all know. There is a ferry called 8 lakaa, maintenance of the foreign going vessels (1 square meter of patching of the Barge!!), some TSD staff operating their own launches, sub-contractors being untouchable, illegal use of Maintenance unit, Purchasing of buss and ferry boats, travelling of senior management staff to abroad, list goes on and on..


Thanks for this blog on creating an environment to express our deepest concerns about our caretaker. We will stand against corruption, bias actions, frauds and fight for our rights till the end. May mighty ALLAH bless our company and forgive the sinners.

To be continued….


6 ޚިޔާލުތައް (+add yours?)

  1. The one
    އެޕްރީލް 08, 2009 @ 20:05:40

    I have a big Q to MD.

    I met various MTCC Scholars (Those who completed their studies) but i never seen any single scholar from any steering committee (HR steering commitee, Girvance committee, HR selection committee) whats the reason behind that. Is that they are not competent? or do senior guys thinks they are a threat for them?


  2. jungiya
    އެޕްރީލް 08, 2009 @ 19:10:19

    masalaeh noioney thee dhariya..
    activist bafayeh bunno verimeeha gaathu magey dhari in thanah gendhiyuma, jama vaguthun mi bdjalaa ekke ekan kohdevi.. miharu meenaa hithun ulhenee e departmentuge veriyah vureves baarugadha kon. eves certifiacte neh bayaku level 5 kaa hidaaba genaima vanee mihen. adhi bunan siyasee kulavaru jehunee maa vaanee mihan. ladheh hayaateh neh bayaku kuri araanee, kiyeviakas adhi compoany ah vafaa therive rangalhah perform kuriyas kuri erumeh neh…dhen oi gothakee kohme meehaku ves amilla kanthah kuranvee…
    aduehin agu bodu Sakthi restaruant eh hulhvan ulhey vaahaka.. ehenu vaanee eyne ah ves hunanee 3 kotari appartment teh hifaa dhee fayo adhi 2 kotari hunanee eyan kuyah deefayo….dhen visnaalabala…


  3. kashibo
    އެޕްރީލް 08, 2009 @ 19:00:17

    haaadha ha dheraye hayaathah dhen alun dhirumeh nethey,
    maa dhamaa ves badufureyney kamuge ummeedheh nethey,

    insurance,OT, site allowance!!!! koba plant managaru.


  4. hus aga
    އެޕްރީލް 08, 2009 @ 18:54:54

    Its seems like some r too naive to understand watz goin around. This all politicallt influenced.In this blog many has complained about the structure reform commitee but no0one gave a damn. its nor that v r wasting our time but trying help guys like u W. wBy the way u gota wrong idea on presenting a structure since its not our scope of work. WE all know there was a structure which later was revised by this commotee as they are beneficial. when the bpard apporved thats all…. i will say this is how this country gas been dominated. u don’t ask the people but u make and enforced law , regulation and break them… Notjing has changed… Removing a picture hanging on the wall does not call a CHANGE…..


  5. sheriff
    އެޕްރީލް 08, 2009 @ 18:24:29

    I have many GRIEVANCE, whom shall submit, is it to PLANT MANAGER JABYN

    GRIEVANCE form should be available in intranet. This blog is better than memos from HR. what is this, same members in steering and in grievance.

    Steering committee need to be change, take out the members go for an election for the members. MD shall not choose what ever he prefers for the sake of politics.

    Even training selection committee should include candidate who had undergone training.

    Everyone case I vote chase Hushiyam and include shaheed in commitee,


  6. W. Bush
    އެޕްރީލް 08, 2009 @ 12:51:43

    Can some of you guys prepare and present a proposal of how MTCC structure should be, and who should be in what position, and what salary should be given. Prepare this and present it to the management, and see what happens next.

    1- If you are unable to do this, then what you are talking is utter rubbish, baseless, and biased.

    2- If you prepare this and present this to the management, and they does nothing, then you have proven your point (unprofessional management).

    3- If you prepare and present this, and if the management really want to talk, then it is your chance. negotiate!

    After all, you guys are educated and should have some guts to face the management directly, instead of being anonymous (like me…). Do what you need to do, and don’t waste your time. You had wasted enough time at cafe34. Now be like a professional and do it. We changed the old regime because we can have an environment where we can express our opinion “openly”. By sitting back like a depressed old man, you guys cant bring any change. FACE THE FIGHT. WIN IT OR BE DEFEATED.



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