Hot Spot -3

Forwarded by Fanu Dhunmaari

 Employee performance:


What can be more vital to the performance of your organisation than the performance of your employees?

Employees are your most valuable asset in organisational excellence, in growth, in the image you have and in company returns.

Naturally, you need to have the right people on board in the first place. Employees who love their job, who fit in at the organisation and through their motivation motivate others to do their very best.

Your employees need to show good employee-ship

When your employees are motivated and willing to go the extra mile for your organisation, you have important ingredients to boost your performance.

But not yet all

For your employees to really perform you need to enable them to do so. In short, as a last ingredient, you need to portray good employer-ship.

Are you a good employer? Here’s our checklist:

  • Your employees are proud to work for you and recommend you as an organisation and employer
  • Your employees are able to work effectively and efficiently because you have given them the means to do so
  • Your employees know how they contribute to the performance of the organisation and work the harder for it
  • Your employees feel they have the opportunity to grow along with the company
  • Your management knows exactly what’s going on in the workplace
  • Your employees leave with a smile and return full of energy every day

By mapping the opinions your employees have on you as an employer, you gain crucial insight into the employee-ship within your company: the motivation, engagement, loyalty, turnover intention and performance amongst your employees. And you are able to improve your employer-ship accordingly, resulting in higher returns from your employees.


ޚިޔާލު ފާޅުކުރައްވާ

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