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Forwarded by Fanu Dhunmaari

Employee motivation

Motivation in work is one of the key variables determining employee performance.

But what is motivation?

It is hard to allocate a fixed definition for motivation, rather, it is a process in which employees are driven to take action and make an effort.

Motivated employees are of great importance within an organisation; they propel the organisation forward by positively influencing the following factors:

  • work atmosphere
  • work attitude
  • customer orientation
  • company results

How can you influence the motivation of your employees?

Amongst others, it is vital to respect your employees, to communicate with them, to offer opportunities for growth and development, in short, to make them part of the organisation.


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  1. W. Bush
    އެޕްރީލް 07, 2009 @ 11:20:48

    The problem with your company is not because the Management doesn’t know what Motivation is. They know what motivation is and they know what are the drivers of motivation are.

    The reason behind this is simply politics. It was how it happened in the last management and it is how it happens in the current Management.



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