Good Boss, Bad Boss. Which Are You?

If employee turnover and absenteeism within the company are too high, and productivity and morale too low, the person in charge may be the one at fault.
A SHORT CHECKLIST Given that Trevor Gay wrote a book called “Simplicity Is the Key” — published in Britain by Kingsham Press in 2004 — it is not surprising that he has come up with a basic list of the differences between good and bad bosses.
In his 35 years of work (in the health care industry), Mr. Gay said he discovered that his best bosses had these attributes:

  • “Inspired confidence
  • Were humble
  • Had integrity
  • Knew what they were talking about
  • Let me get on with things
  • Were always there when I needed help
  • Usually said, ‘Yes, try it.’”

His worst bosses, he said, had these deficiencies:

  • “Never seemed to be around when I needed them
  • Always asked me to justify what I wanted to do
  • Always wanted to know what I was doing
  • Often said ‘no, we can’t do that’
  • Gave the impression of being distrustful
  • Didn’t smile much
  • Talked about themselves a lot.”

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