MTCC Announces New Management Team

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In a memo addressed to all former heads of departments, Mohamed Naseem, managing director of MTCC, today (Feb 3) announced the formation of a new executive management team to lead MTCC Plc. According to the memo the executives will assume their assigned responsibilities beginning 4th February. The new management team is an integral part of Mr. Naseem’s new strategy of organizational realignment that includes a refocus of resources, time, and energy on the core strengths that made MTCC the number-one infrastructure contractor in the country.

Ibrahim Shaheen has been appointed as the new head of HR depertment. Mr. Shaheen brings many years of executive management and leadership experience to the position, from other senior management positions he held in the past. Mr. Shaheen holds a Master of Science in Civil Engineering degree from a Thai University.

Ahmed Solih has been appointed as the head of Transport Services Department. He comes with rich industry and corporate experience, having most recently served at Tug and Barge Operations. Solih has also served as the head of sales for quite some time in the past. He has served in prominent leadership roles at MTCC. Mr. Solih began his career at Dhiraagu and holds a degree in Marketing from a UK University.

Abida Rasheed, former head of marketing, has been appointed as the new head of corporate department and has experience running variety of business units within MTCC. Her extensive knowledge ranges from domestic household chores to securities trading and stock brokerage.

Hamid Nasheed has been appointed as the new head of IT department. He began his career at MTCC nearly 28 years ago managing then Computer Section. Over the past 28 years he has served in many departments, most recently as a Director at Transport Services. Mr. Nasheed graduated from Autralian University with a HND in Communications.

“This new executive management team will bring an amazing depth of experience, diversity, and expertise to everything we do here at MTCC,” Mr. Naseem is believed to have stated. “Together with our current richly talented management base, they have the ability to take us to our next major milestone of being a strong contender in our respective markets.

Critics are wary about the reception of the new management team by the board of directors.


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  1. Kareem
    ފެބުރުއަރީ 18, 2011 @ 13:43:46

    MTCC has been riddled with corruption and mismanagement since a few years. Ask the good staff who may have left and solutions will be available.
    Lot of cleaning up is reqd. Corporate governance, DUE Diligence by a quality CA Firm will be useful. Cost control, HR trimming, focus on profitable businesses will help.

    MTCC NOW needs a strong willed, educated, matured, experienced business person to head it and turn it round to its core business and to take the opportunities available.


  2. sermons
    ޖޫން 29, 2009 @ 12:22:42

    The most corrupt Director of all must be olih. Mr. Polio as he is known in his Department now because of a hilarious story which is for some other time. His ways of management is simply put nothing more than “shit”. He is one of the main reasons why the Department is losing money and its performance has gone down so dramatically in the last month or two. He himself claim that he had been moved around from Department to Department for his managerial skills. We all know he has been amusing himsrlf by claiming this. The real reason ofcourse is his incompetency and lack of management skill to motivate his staff and bring about a profit to his Department.


  3. Beyfulhaa
    ފެބުރުއަރީ 19, 2009 @ 17:37:34

    Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think MD Naseem appointed right people to the right Senior Management Posts.
    Let’s start from Shaheen. He joined MTCC just recently. If I am not mistaken it is in the early 2000. He joined MTCC under a corruption deal between his Brother Mahreen and Bandhu Saleem who was the MD then. Shaheen showed his back to MPA while they financed his education for the Bachelor’s Degree he obtained from Thailand. The deal was to send Shaheen to a Masters degree on awarding an Airport Upgrading Project to MTCC. Well, not too bad though. For your information, Mahreen is still a corrupt Senior Employee of Airports Authority. Upon returning from Thailand after his Masters Degree, Shaheen worked in Dredging Department for a short period of time as a an Engineer. He has been promoted to the post of Director soon and started his own business immediately with wealthy businessmen. Yes, Like Elder brother like younger brother; he engaged fully in corruption. As mentioned in one of the posts Shaheen stayed this long as a faithful member to the previous regime, DRP.

    I think we have obtained enough information about Ahmed Solih via this blog. Thank you all who contributed to this blog. So let’s wait for the Tugs and Barge Article for more.

    Hmmm. Abida Rasheed. She may not be the best person with regard to her formal Education. But as a Senior in a responsible position for a very long time, she can be considered as a Moderate Manager. Apart from her official MTCC duties she has stack-managed DRP Women’s Committee and AIM for some time. I am not going to dig deep into her corruption accusations while in the post of AIMs’ Deputy Managing Director. What I could confirm is that she has been sacked from the post of DMD after a very short period of time. How she managed to get her ex MTCC post without any formal application or interview is still vague to me.

    I think this post is getting too long now.. but I can tell you that there is something fishy in this Blog. What I suspect is that this blog is a pilot project of Mr. Nafaa Naseem who really wants to know who and who are corrupted here. Yes, he wants to let you drink water before he slaughters the corrupted chickens.


    • Shammu
      ސެޕްޓެމްބަރު 29, 2010 @ 23:47:22

      Hey I know this guy for decades. what u wrote is not true.
      1. He did his BEng under a Thai Govt Scholarship due to his outstanding academics
      2. His MEng was an Asia’s most reputed AIT’s scholarship. MTCC just paid him 50% of his stipend.
      3. He became an A Director in 1997 while working at MPA, so promoting to a Director in Dec 2005 with a masters degree in engineering and vast experience in the field plus saving MTCC from the huge loss in Airport upgrading Project due to Naube’s wrong BOQ is justified.
      4. He did not show his back to MPA, it was due to politics, he was on a wrong side to the former regime, the then MD of MPA Mr. Ismail Shafeeq wanted him to leave MPA.
      5. It was the former MD Mr. Ali Abdulla (father IL of Anni) convinced Mr. Bandhu abt his capabilities and got a transfer to MTCC.
      6. His business – oh I have seen 2 flats that belong to him in Thailand. It was in 1998. I saw him driving his own car in 1988 he was then just a student at SEC (now CHSE). I have seen him flying on business seats (several times next to me) as early as 1986.
      7.Framing as him living on corrupt money/business is totally not true. Because he’s neither from a rich family and much much before he can see govt money or govt seat, high positions, he has all the richness, wealth n everything you are jealous of him.
      8.You can ask SHAHEED DONBE, he knows abt Mr. SHAHEEN from school days.
      9. I have done subcontracts to Mr. shaheen as early as 1987, he was a teenager then. But he has a great mind and matured thinking and principles even then. I once took a subcontract from him in 1988. the client was Min of Defense. I still have the special permit I got to enter Bandeyrige. Mr. Shaheen sit in meetings with Major Shaukath at Bandeyrige then, (colonel retired Shaukath now) I have tnose records in my file even now.
      10. You crooks are just jealous of him.
      11. He has businesses now in Oceania and ASEAN countries, But you on the other hand can’t even leave “gaadhoo kolu” on your own. You need MTCC to support you even for that.
      12. He is a very successful guy. learn from him, tell your kids to follow his steps. of course for you its too late.

      Den LALALA


      • Shammu
        ސެޕްޓެމްބަރު 30, 2010 @ 00:07:57

        it just happen for me to read this article about shaheen while surfing..
        I still want to add some more comments, for what you mentioned. “… he started business immediately with wealthy businessmen”

        I have seen him playing badminton at M. Irufuheyge with KOLI ELITES in 1988. Same days I have seen him at H. Karankaage, making Jokes with Mr. Soadhu RASHEED.I onced visited him at SriLlanka in Rasheed’s residence in FIFE ROAD next to Hotel Janaki.
        So he has been with elites as early as he was a teenager. You guys are seeing him with elites after 2 decades.

        At his age you guys were crews in either fishing vessels or domestic servants at houses of “Male’ Beyfulhun” so you wont know all these facts.

        And I dont think he has signed any political party. He is not into politics.


  4. Batman
    ފެބުރުއަރީ 19, 2009 @ 16:22:41

    Before Solih joined MTCC he was working for Cable & Wireless, Coastal Radio Sectionl ( now known ans Dhiraagu ) and he was sacked form there due to corruption related issues, in the mid 90’s. This guy was very luck to have good relations with the Bandhu Saleems family who was the Managng Director of MTCC then, and Bandhu offered him a post in MTCC … And did he really comes with rich industry and corporate experience ??? and correct me if i’m wrong


    ފެބުރުއަރީ 19, 2009 @ 15:07:11



  6. Pokeman
    ފެބުރުއަރީ 19, 2009 @ 13:27:18

    Hamid’s did not join MTCC 28 years ago. He only joined MTCC somewhere in 1995. So please correct the no. of years that he spent in MTCC. Before joining MTCC he was in some government Ministry which i think is Planning.


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