Management Shuffle at MTCC

Monday, January 26, 2009

Amid rumours about a management shuffle, a senior MTCC official, on condition of anonymity, has confirmed it is reviewing its organisational structure. However, the official has denied insider claims of management lay-offs.
This follows an internal e-mail circulated to certain staff, which has apparently caused concern among some staff members. The e-mail allegedly details the management staffing strategy.

Mr. Jacky, an unofficial spokesperson for the company, speaking on behalf of the company says it is gearing towards streamlining its efficiency in an increasingly competitive local arena. “MTCC is in the process of appraising and reviewing its organisational structure to ensure it is geared towards executing the strategy of the company,” remarked Mr. Jacky.

According to Mr. Jacky, the strategy includes its focused expansion into the rentals business, combating increasing competition, as well as aligning with changes in the political landscape.

A source revealed to MTCC Blog that part of the process would include pink-slipping of certain top-level management employees. However, Mr. Jacky has denied this. “No employee has – to date – been affected by these processes and, consequently, no dismissals have occurred.” According to Mr. Jacky, the company aims to begin full implementation of the restructuring from the first week of February.

“The process is being conducted in close consultation with the president’s office and select senior management staff” explained Mr. Jacky. The official did not say exactly what the restructuring would entail; however, many sources have indicated the process would only involve the top management levels.

Mr. Jacky is a pseudonym of the actual official


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