MTCC Managing Director Mr. Naseem establishes new Steering Committee

Monday, January 19, 2009

MTCC Managing Director Mr. Naseem today (Jan. 19) announced, via a memo, that he has established a Human Resource Steering Committee, in accordance with Policy 1 (version 2) – MTCC Salary Policy, which came into force on 15 January 2008.

Last January, former Managing Director Mr. Ibrahim Athif Shakoor signed the MTCC Salary Policy, into force. The policy mandated an HR Steering Committee to oversee salary reviews, promotions and other HR related critical issues. The way HR management affairs [with regard to the policy] are handled has dismayed many vigilant employees. Many say such policies should be executed impartially, without regard to one’s political alignment, social status or relationship with [particular] senior management staff.

The Steering Committee is working to bring the policy into full force, expected to be in full force by the end of Q2 this year, and MTCC HR department needs to be ready [and accessible] for this additional responsibility.

Mr. Solih, a director at MTCC, is assumed to chair the five-member committee, according to sources familiar with the development.

According to the memo, serving on the committee are:
1. Ahmed Solih, a director
2. Hamid Nasheed, a director
3. Ibrahim Rafiu, a senior accountant
4. Fathmath Jabeen, a manager (recently promoted)
5. Ahmed Fathih, an HR officer

No Steering Committee member was available for comments at the time of publication.


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  1. Batman
    ފެބުރުއަރީ 12, 2009 @ 09:56:20

    Steering Committee ge 2/3 akee Department thahh hingan havaalu koffa nu hin gigen beyru koffa thibi meehun. Emme fahun company restructure kohh niminu iru ekkala beyru koffa thi beemuh kuri ahh vure maa bodethi magaamu thakaa havaalu vefa e thibee. Then vis naalaa kuri ahh oii thanu ga Emtycc hingaane goii. “Pride Comes Before Fall” is the right phrase. Anyways I can guarantee you, if we look deep into their past, it will be full of shit.


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